5 Signs of a Bad Phone Battery

Almost everything can be achieved nowadays because of the help of technology. Just a few years back, it’s difficult to research something in the computer because of limited and slow internet. Now, if a question pops up in your head you can just grab your phone and look it up. You can also write a document in your phone, store your favorite music, and hoard as many pictures as you can; text/call people, install apps and many more.  

Cellphones make our lives easier. The things that are difficult to do before are now achievable. In just one click, you can connect with the world. The downside is that, all phone batteries don’t last for a lifetime. It deteriorates, and it’s frustrating once that happens. So before your phone dies while you’re at middle of something, watch out for these signs of a failing battery.  

  1. Phone Restarts on Its Own 

The most common complaint that repair store gets from their costumers is that their phone restarts on its own. When you’re in the middle of posting something on social media or typing an important email, it’s so annoying when the phone randomly shuts down or restarts. If this happens frequently, then there’s a problem with your battery. Some of the reasons why the battery does this are: the phone doesn’t hold it in place, it no longer fits in the phone case, or when it shifts. Worn out battery connectors can also be a factor. When this happens, make sure to visit store of cell phone repair Denver.  

       2. Battery Drains Easily 

Most batteries have the lifespan of 2 or 3 years, depending on how many hours you use your phone. But after those years, they will start acting up. One of the instances is when it doesn’t power the smartphone for long or if it drains easily even if you only use it for 30 minutes. Some apps might cause the battery to drain. But if that doesn’t help, inspect the battery to check if it’s bulging or not. If it does, you might have to replace it. If you don’t act quickly, your phone might get damaged.  

        3. Phone is Plugged In But Dead 

If the battery drains and you plug your device in its charger, it will typically power up. But if it stays dead and not powered, your battery is not trouble. If you don’t hear any sounds or see any lights in your device even though you attempted to charge it a couple of times, have the device checked.  

        4. The Device Doesn’t Charge 

Another moment when the battery is deteriorating is when your phone doesn’t charge even if you already plug it. It powers up but won’t hold any charge. Even though you attempt many times, the problem won’t be solved so it’s time to change your battery.  

        5. Overheated Battery 

This is one of the most obvious signs that you can experience. If it starts to heat up excessively, then it is failing already. You should buy a new battery right away to avoid further damage in your device.