Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Tea Tree Oil

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"The many healing wonders of the tea tree essential oil are truly overwhelming. While this makes a lot of people consider getting one right now, others wonder how much this very potent oil could cost. It’s natural for people to wonder about the cost because with the many tea tree oil products out there with varied prices, you never know what makes their prices differ from each other.

Tea tree oil prices depend on several factors so you cannot conclude that the cheaper the oil is, the better. You need to look at these several factors first.


Purity refers to whether the tea tree oil is purely tea tree oil and there are no other ingredients mixed with it. Usually, pure tea tree essential oils cost more, so if a store claims their tea tree oils are way cheaper, better check out the label and see whether it is a pure product or not.


Being organic refers to being free from chemical ingredients usually present in other synthetic products. Usually, the more organic the oil is, the cheaper it is because manufacturing it is very easy and no other resources are used in producing it. So, if it is way too expensive, you may want to check out the label as it may have other chemical ingredients added.

The Place it is Manufactured

Tea tree oil originated from a plant native only in Australia and not anywhere else. If the product is manufactured in Australia, it is cheaper because you are getting it from the place where it originated from. But if the product is manufactured somewhere else, it may be a bit expensive because they would need to import the raw material from Australia.

If it is cheaper and it comes from other place and not Australia, it may not be the genuine tea tree oil.


The quality of the oil contributes a lot to the cost. Tea tree essential oils that underwent a very good distillation process and coming out 100% pure and organic could cost a lot more but offers good value for your money. However, it does not necessarily mean that lower cost products are lesser in quality.

Buying Online or Offline

How you are buying the tea tree oil product can also contribute to the cost. If you are buying it online, you may be spending more because of shipping fees. However, the fact that you will find a lot of choices online easily rather than when you search the whole world offline, can make buying online cost-worthier. The bottom-line is that it depends on your convenience.

The Store where you are buying the Oil from

When buying online, the cost of the product may vary from one website to another. There are websites like http://bioteatree.com offering a variety of tea tree oil brands with variety of price ranges. But it pays when you buy this essential oil from a website where you are sure you are getting what you are paying for.

To sum up all, buying tea tree oil at the right price may require caution and effort in doing your homework before buying.