Tips for Cleaning a Brick Fireplace

Cleaning brick fireplaces is a task that you should never skip. Some homeowners tend to clean their fireplaces only when the winter season is coming around. Even outdoor fireplaces must be cleaned on a regular basis. It’s best that you clean it before and after the winter season.  

To get started with fireplace maintenance repair, then you’ll need to contact an expert in brick repair in Metro East STL. More than just cleaning, you have to give your brick fireplace a thorough inspection. The best thing when hiring brick technicians to do the fireplace cleaning is that they get to also check the issues with your fireplace and tell you all about them. That way, you get on top of the repair work, too.  

Why Fireplace Cleaning is Important  

Cleaning fireplaces is necessary simply because a dirty and unkempt one is unappealing and unhealthy. Fireplace cleaning gives your home a nice glow. But if it not clean, then it can’t properly do its job of keeping your home warm while reducing energy costs.  

Clean your fireplace once a year at least. But be sure that you remove all the ashes between burnings. You know very well that burned logs leave soot and ashes behind. Letting it build up over time will create a nasty mess in your home. Worse, they’re fire hazards too. Leaving the ashes and soot will also create residue on the fireplace that’s difficult to remove unless you perform thorough cleaning on it.  

Ways to Clean Fireplaces  

The best way to clean a fireplace is to hire a professional fireplace cleaner. However, there are instances wherein you don’t have the time or the money to do such repairs. For such cases, it is best that you also know how to handle DIY fireplace cleaning.  

The first thing to do is to purchase a commercialgrade fireplace cleaner, which should be available in stores. If you can’t find one, any type of high-quality commercial cleaner should do the trick. Just follow the instructions on the label so can clean your fireplace pretty well.  

If you prefer a green cleaning solution, it’s also possible to make one at home. You simply have to combine vinegar and cream of tartar at the right amount to create a powerful fireplace cleaner. However, you’ll also need a lot of other cleaning tools to get the results that you want. When cleaning chimneys, be sure that you have a brush, dustpan, mop bucket, sponge, mask, plastic gloves, and damp rag with you.  

How to Clean Fireplaces 

Fireplace cleaning always starts with an inspection. You have to clean the fireplace once or twice a year. Checking the condition of the fireplace allows you to determine whatever problem that may possibly occur before it gets any worse. When inspecting chimneys, look for cracks and damage to the bricks. Ensure that the flue damper is working properly and the screen or glass isn’t damaged. Also, make sure that the chimney is free of any debris. It means that you’re able to see the light at the top of the chimney when you look up.  

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